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The pricing of our Managed Virtual Private Servers is based on the configuration of each instance, and the time you use it. With Imperium.to, you will always know what you'll pay for, with flat pricing across all data centers.

Managed Virtual Private Servers

Our Managed Virtual Private Servers, powered by DigitalOcean, are available in various configurations of CPU, memory, and SSD. The servers are designed for an extensive range of mainstream or production workloads, including web application hosting, e-commerce sites, medium-sized databases, and enterprise applications.

Datacenter regions

Currently, you can choose from the following locations: New York City (US), Amsterdam (NL), San Francisco (US), Singapore, London (UK), Frankfurt (DE), Toronto (CA), and Bangalore (IN).

Standard VPS

Balanced virtual machines with a healthy amount of memory tuned to host and scale applications like blogs, web apps, testing and staging environments, in-memory caching, and databases.

1 GB 1 1 TB 25 GB $10 / mo
1 GB 3 3 TB 60 GB $30 / mo
2 GB 1 2 TB 50 GB $20 / mo
2 GB 2 3 TB 60 GB $30 / mo
3 GB 1 3 TB 60 GB $30 / mo
4 GB 2 4 TB 80 GB $40 / mo
8 GB 4 5 TB 160 GB $80 / mo
16 GB 6 6 TB 320 GB $160 / mo

General purpose VPS

Virtual machines with a healthy balance of memory and dedicated compute hyper-threads from best-in-class processors. Designed for the widest range of mainstream or production workloads, including web application hosting, e-commerce sites, medium-sized databases, and enterprise applications.

8 GB 2 4 TB 25 GB $120 / mo
8 GB 2 4 TB 50 GB $130 / mo

CPU optimized VPS

Compute-optimized virtual machines with dedicated hyper-threads from best-in-class Intel CPUs for workloads that rely on CPU more than RAM. Designed for CPU-intensive applications like CI/CD, video encoding, machine learning, ad serving, batch processing, and active front-end web servers.

4 GB 2 4 TB 25 GB $80 / mo
8 GB 4 5 TB 50 GB $160 / mo


The pricing for backups is 20% of the cost of your Virtual Private Server. For example, if you want to enable backups for a $10 per month VPS, the cost of the backup will be $2 per month.


Snapshots are charged at a rate of $0.1 / GB per month. Pricing is based on the size of the snapshot, not the size of the filesystem being saved. There is no additional charge for making a snapshot available in multiple regions.


The cost of monthly server management is $500. The management includes server monitoring and regular updates, when they become available.

Payment Terms

All Virtual Private Servers are billed as long as they exist, even if they are not active. If you no longer want to pay for a server, please delete it. All payments are inevitable, and no refunds or withdrawals are available. Once your account balance reaches $0.00, all your servers will be permanently deleted. All the data stored on your servers, and any associated backups, will be lost.

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